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Dylan's Run to Raise Awareness

Posted on Friday, 27 July 2018

“A short email to the Qld Association on June 20th, followed by a reply indicating some possible options and suddenly Dylan has committed himself to running 5km in a Melbourne Fun Run raising money for myasthenia!  He was motivated to commit to this opportunity out of care and concern for his father. Dylan explains the importance of knowing that support is available to all Australians. He has committed the funds raised to ensuring the continued operations of the Myasthenia Alliance Australia. This is a wonderful gesture from Dylan. We wish him well in his run and hope that he is well supported by friends, family and the MG community.

The Alliance was initially funded from a generous one-off donation of $5,000. The money was used to establish a website and design a logo etc. Legal services were gifted to the Alliance. The remaining funds have been supporting the teleconferencing fees required to host regular meetings since 2014. Committee members fund any other costs which they may incur. Apart from a small surplus created at each conference, the Alliance has no other revenue stream. Dylan’s gesture is invaluable and empowering for this small group. Thank you Dylan!   Susan White - President.

Read Dylan’s story on Page 2 of the MGAQ’s July Newsletter.

If you would like to help Dylan in his run for Research, Support and Awareness, visit