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Survey Results - Many Different Stories to be told

Posted on Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Given that the survey allowed sufferers to tell what is often a very long story, many participants took the opportunity to tell a very detailed story in the hope that some obscure piece of information may be useful. The Doctors have appreciated this and recorded the brief and the lengthy answers to questions. As a result there is interest in analysing this qualitative information. How to do this would be very challenging but it is being considered. Professor McCombe would like to support us in compiling a range of MG stories with the subsequent production of a booklet. The MGAQ Committee would be available to assist in developing and publishing such a book and has some experience in this process. However, the committee does not have the skills or the time to actually compose the stories. Can you help us find a suitable author? Some experience in writing would be required.

Please use the website or the free call number 1800 802 568 if you can help us.