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Myasthenia Alliance Australia Rituximab / MabThera Questionnaire

Posted on Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The MGAQ is supporting the Myasthenia Alliance Australia in learning more about the difficulties Australians are facing in accessing treatment with the drug Rituximab / MabThera. The alliance is asking that anyone in Australia who has been offered, or is currently receiving this drug treatment, please complete this questionnaire. 

Whilst there has been a good response to date, there are many more people who may be willing to share their experiences. Currently, responses are fairly evenly split between people who have and have not received this treatment. All responses are valued and helpful. All information will remain with the volunteer Committee.

Should any information need to be shared, direct contact will be made with the individual concerned to investigate greater detail and to gain permission. For now, the details help glean a better understanding of the situation. If anyone has concerns then we respect your decision not to participate. Alternatively, pick up the phone and talk through these concerns, the number is 1800 802 568. Everyone benefits when we share.