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Exercise Effect in Myasthenia Gravis Study at UQ

Posted on Saturday, 19 May 2012

For some of the participants in this study, their exercise sessions are drawing to an end, and only final assessments remain. Other participants are at about the half-way mark of their participation as they have only been able to attend one session per week. As mentioned in last month's update, Professor Jennifer Nitz, who is overseeing the study, has kindly agreed to attend our Annual General Meeting and present a report on the study to our members.

Page 8 of the March edition of MessaGes included a list of the exercises that the participants are undertaking each session, and showed by this list, that NONE of the exercises are IMPACT ones, but relate to things that people with MG do each and every day, such as walking, stretching, reaching, balancing, etc. Each exercise routine is repeated for approximately 5 minutes. Participants are free to select the sequence of the exercises and may rest at any stage during a session. They are under constant supervision and observation of staff from the UQ Neurological, Ageing and Balance Clinic.

It is not too late to join the Study and if, after viewing this list, you now feel inclined to join the study, and live in the Brisbane area, please contact the Secretary.