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30 {Aug}


I am so excited to share with you that the On-Line Survey Project has made significant progress in the past month. The survey is drafted, the technology is ready for testing, the advertising materials have been prepared and the ethics application has been submitted. Now we wait!

Please - don’t stop reading …. don’t disengage ….. don’t think this isn’t for you ……don’t think that you won’t have time!

All financial members should have received their Anniversary Booklet. If you haven’t received yours as yet, phone 1800 802 568 or EMAIL

All financial members should have received their Anniversary Booklet. If you haven’t received yours as yet, phone 1800 802 568 or EMAIL

In 1991 a group of people with a common interest met for coffee.  Their common interest was a relatively unknown medical condition called Myasthenia Gravis. 

When their specialist first told them they had the condition it was always followed by the question “What is that?” 

27 {Jul}


The MGAQ needs more people to nominate to be on our committee.  The amount of work and projects in which we are involved has increased but the number of people currently on our committee are finding it very difficult to keep up the pace and do the best we can for our members.


It’s that time of the year again when Membership Subscriptions for the financial year 2022/2023 are due. 
The envelope in which your newsletter is enclosed will advise you when your membership expires. If you look along the top line you should see “YOUR NAME” followed by some figures in smaller print than your address. 
If you receive the newsletter by email and are unsure whether or not you are currently financial, please phone our 1800 802 568 freecall number or email to enquire. 

The work of the MAA is growing and expanding rapidly with Government and Industry seeking us out for community engagement feedback. Opportunities to develop services and research for the MG community are opening up. The MAA need manpower to take up everything that is offered. NSW now have 4 representatives on the Board but Queensland cannot match this and we need to step up.
If you have a passion to bring about change, if you have health or industry experience, this could be an exciting addition to your interests. It is not necessary for you to have Myasthenia.

Although raising awareness is not limited to one month a year, June is an opportunity to do that little bit more.

There are many ways you can raise awareness about Myasthenia Gravis...

What are you doing in June to help raise awareness?


Townsville    7-9 JUNE
Townsville sign
Victoria Bridge
Wharton Reef Lighthouse
George Roberts Bridge
Old Magistrates Court House
Little Fletcher Bridge

Brisbane    7-8 & 10-11 JUNE
Story Bridge
Victoria Bridge

Cairns    8-9 JUNE
Munro Martin Parkland

Ipswich    8-9 JUNE
Ipswich Civic Centre

Longreach    8-10 JUNE
Water Tower

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