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20 {May}


Sunday, 13th June 2021 - 10am
at Hornets Football Club, Graham Road, Carseldine

(Available via ZOOM too - see Page 6 May Newsletter for details)



Townsville    7-9 JUNE
Townsville sign
Victoria Bridge
Wharton Reef Lighthouse
George Roberts Bridge
Old Magistrates Court House
Little Fletcher Bridge

Brisbane    7-13 JUNE
Story Bridge
Victoria Bridge

Cairns    8-9 JUNE
Munro Martin Parkland

Ipswich    8-9 JUNE
Ipswich Civic Centre

Longreach    8-10 JUNE
Water Tower

Dr Stephen Reddel has shared an updated version of the COVID Vaccine Discussion Paper to reflect the issues raised about blood clots. Please note the advice for Myasthenia Gravis patients largely remains the same.

The updated paper can be downloaded here COVID-19 Vaccination Discussion NI v9 11052021

20 {Apr}


Consumer Research Survey - IVIg
If you would like to assist with the development of future resources for this valuable program, we are looking for people to share their experience of immunoglobulin treatments. Carers are also welcome to participate.
NPS MedicineWise is looking for people who have been prescribed immunoglobulins (antibodies) as part of their treatment to take part in a short survey online and/or an in-depth interview over the phone.

Management committee members as well as the regional co-ordinators, regularly suggest that people keep a diary of their symptoms, medications, lifestyle impacts etc. in preparation for their visits to the Doctor. 

In last month's newsletter, we advised that a new feature has been added to our podcast service whereby MGAQ Podcast subscribers would get an email when a new podcast was available. From this email, subscribers can just click and play that episode in their browser. One can also access all previous podcasts.

22 {Mar}


MGAQ Inc 30th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, 13 June, 2021 – 10am

at Hornets Football Club, Graham Road, Carseldine

There is a new feature for our private podcasts.

Now, subscribers can get an email every time we publish a new episode.

Even better: Subscribers can listen to the episode in their web browser!

In response to the many and varied conversation from the MG Community in regard to the safety and considerations to be made in evaluating the suitability of the MG community for COVID vaccination, the MAA are indebted and extremely thankful to Associate Professor Stephen Reddel (neurologist), and also to those as listed by Dr Reddel, for bringing to us a highly informed discussion paper, inclusive of data, aimed to provide informed guidance on these many questions.

Your MAA Board have kept busy despite the pre-Christmas distractions. It was an unusual and challenging year in so many ways.

I would like to sincerely thank your committed MAA Board team for all their work during 2020 and for the support they have provided to me as we have explored and embraced the opportunities to improve the lives of those across Australia affected by MG in all its forms.

There is much work looming for 2021 and many opportunities to be developed. I hope that readers will continue to keenly follow our efforts and offer support as they are able.

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