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“Greetings" to those whom have decided to try out the MGAQ’s new podcast service. We have been incredibly pleased that so many of our members have elected to join this new MGAQ membership offering.
Currently MGAQ Podcasts have nine podcasts available for Association members. A full list of these podcasts was included in the last newsletter. Two further podcasts will be published in October.
These include:

The following were elected to the Management Committee until the 2021 AGM: 
President: Carol Buchanan 
Vice-President: Susan White
Secretary: Ron Stephen
Treasurer: Denise Hannay 
Committee Members: Donna Formosa, Rosalyn Holland, Ian Hollingworth, Anita Jackson, Kirstine Shrubsole and Karen Downes

25 {Sep}

MAA News Alert

Dr Stephen Reddel, of the MAA Medical Advisory Board, has flagged the need for anybody who has previously had or currently has a thymoma to take extra care protecting against exposure to COVID-19 as they may be more seriously affected. The following relevant article is technical but included here:  

For further information please contact Susan on 1800 802 568.  

Published & Upcoming MGAQ Podcasts

Current List of Published and Available MGAQ Podcasts:

Episode 1: MGAQ Podcast Series Overview - This provides an Overview of the planned MGAQ Podcast and Vodcast Series 1 through 5

26 {Aug}


The eNID project - What is it?  Where are we at?

There has been steady conversation about the eNID project for four years now so I imagine that many are now a little lost in regard to the details.

Attend AGM either in Person or Via Zoom – Your choice!
Sunday, 13 September 2020
Aspley Hornet’s Football Club,
50 Graham Road, Carseldine
10.00am for 10.15am sharp

As our Annual General Meeting will practise Social Distancing, RSVP is essential by Wednesday, 9 September 2020.
FREECALL 1800 802 568 or EMAIL
Guest Speaker: Dr Kirstine Shrubsole, Speech Pathologist

The Full Recording of Dr Angelo Contarino, Clinical Psychologist from the June ZOOM Meeting is Now Available ON DVD!

The DVD is available to Financial Members BY REQUEST ONLY!

To order your copy of the June Meeting contact: Freecall 1800 802 568 or Email:

Over the coming months the MGAQ and the MAA will be emailing its members with requests to complete a number of surveys. These surveys form part of some new and important research currently taking place  for persons living with MG and will cover a range of health topics.

This research is essential to the future shaping of health services; ensuring quality care and improving treatment, management and better disease understanding for persons living with MG.

31 {Jul}


As promised, the MAA Board have remained focused on their work during the COVID isolation period and are now excited to bring you some updates on the current projects.

The eNID Project!

The MGAQ Committee is very excited to bring to our members, a new looking and much enhanced Association website.

It is much easier to navigate and the key features are clearly displayed. Please go to and start exploring. The issue will be in deciding what to look at first. Good luck!

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